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FoamAir® Testimonials Happy FoamAir customer


What a great invention...sure beats having to bend over to pick up the bar of soap I keep dropping. And, at 91, that can be dangerous. Thanks.

Iz Miller



Dear Foamair,

Congratulations on producing such a great product! I have been using my Full Foaming Body Wash for over three weeks and I love it. The dispenser was extremely easy to install and it looks quite nice. The foam soap is amazing - its spearmint fragrance is wonderfully my morning showers...wakes me right up! The foam soap has a nice smooth texture...cleans, but doesn't leave a soapy residue. I even use it for my shampoo - it's wonderful on the hair and rinses easily. You have really come up with a winner!


S. Kellerman


Dear Foamair,

We wanted to write and tell you how much we really like the convenience and easy use of your foaming dispenser. The soap itself cleans very well, spreads over the hands easily and rinses off rapidly. We do not seem to use as much soap as before with other brands. Thank you again for your product line.

R.J. & Family

Foaming Soap Dispensers

Here's what I have to say about FoamAir:

What a pleasant surprise to have a fragrant pillow of foam float softly into the palm of your hand rather than a gooey glob of viscous liquid soap! I liked FoamAir so well when I first experienced it in a restaurant ladies room, I rousted my friends from our table and herded them into the restroom to wash their hands! I couldn't return to the old-fashioned liquid soap again. I have switched all my home dispensers to FoamAir's. Wonderful, wonderful!




Liking to try new bath and body products as they appear in the marketplace, I have been especially impressed with a new product called Full Foaming Body Wash by FoamAir. The innovative dispenser and the foaming action is superior making my bath a refreshing experience. The quality of soap feels soft and smooth on my skin. The design of the attractive dispenser looks terrific in my bathroom.

Eva, Ft. Myers, FL



The FoamAir products are miracles! The dispensers are very attractive and blend with any color scheme. Installing the large bottle and refilling all of them is a breeze. The feeling and fragrance of the soap is most pleasant. My husband and I will continue to use this product for many years to come.

Mary C.



Dear FoamAir,

Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for delivering such a great product!

We use the hand soap here at the boat factory and all of our employees are pleased with the fact the foaming soap does not leave their hands dry and chapped.

The dispenser was extremely easy to install, looks quite nice and is easy for us to refill.

Thanks again for delivering more value than advertised; it is a pleasant change from all too many products on today's market.

Barton R. Bleil

Precision Boat Works, Inc.


Soap dispenser

Dear FoamAir,

You have introduced me to both your Foaming Hand Wash and the Full Foaming Body Wash and this correspondence is to inform you that I am a believer in both products. The quality and fragrance of the body wash leaves one refreshed like no other product I have ever used. The easy to install wall dispenser is both handy and practical. I used the self stick option and have it within easy reach for both a bath or a shower. It has solved the problem of which product to use and "Runs circles" around bar soap. Another plus is the economical side of using foam washes. Your product lasts a long, long time. The dispenser is easy to use and very little liquid is needed for a hand full of cleansing foam and a shower or bath to remember.


The hand wash is right by my kitchen sink and doesn't leave any messy soap dish or spilled liquid. It too is a top product that you should be commended for. Now that I have tried them both, I shall strike the ordinary products off of my regular grocery list and order refills directly from Foamair.


Thank you for enlightening this Senior Citizen lady. You certainly have my testimony that you really can "Teach an old dog new tricks".


Nina Van Gundy